© Photo by Benjamin Ealovega
© Photo by Benjamin Ealovega
"If the art of conducting an orchestra is expressed by the balance of technical preparation and 
talented interpretation, assisted by a rich musical 
culture, Daniel Cohen’s conducting of the Orchestra della Fondazione Petruzzelli, was a fine example of this balance. " (Enzo Garofalo, Cannibali, December 2012)

"Maestro Cohen, despite his young age, has shown great artistic maturity, clarity and precision. A careful reading and incisive made the nuances of Massenet's music highly enjoyable. He created moments of high lyricism and emotion and aroused great applause in both shows." (BG-Opera Magazine, April 2012)

"Daniel Cohen was a discovery... he conducted throughout with the golden combination of clarity and expression, drawing phrasing and contrast out from the responsive orchestra... an extremely watchable presence on the podium. Cohen deserves to go far." (Bachtrack, March 2012) 

“Exquisite execution” […] “Cohen ensuring the performance [of Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet] was a model of refined taste.” Neville Cohn, The West Australia 20/03/17  

"like the Shakespearean woodland, that enchanting place where the action [of Britten's A Midsummer Night's Dream] takes place, the orchestra has managed to wrap the stage in a supernatural atmosphere, well dosing the chromatic palette of its various sections, and gesturing with ease the different sound features present in the score without ever overwhelming the voices, with which it maintains instead a continuous dialogue". GB Opera Magazine 22/09/17 

"[Cohen's] attention to each instrumental section, especially the crucial woodwinds, was immaculate, and the players responded to his cajoling splendidly" [Lucia di Lammermoor at the Deutsche Oper Berlin] Ako Imamura, October 2015, BACHTRACK

“Cohen and the [Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra] gave a crisp, fresh performance of Beethoven's 8th symphony, combining warm, full instrumental sounds with light-handed phrasing, and impeccable hand-offs of musical ideas." [...] "delightful moments of raw, visceral music making.” (Elaine Schmidt, Journal Sentinel, May 2015)

"Daniel Cohen is a true Mozartian. His orchestra deserves praise: silky strings, splendid winds, shimmering, transparent, effective, nothing is missing." (FORUMOPERA.COM July 2014) 

“Quite a sensation was caused by 29-year-old Israeli conductor Daniel Cohen, under whose brilliant lead the imaginative, sensual work Sawti'l zaman by Frenchman Benjamin Attahir saw the light of day”. (Peter Hagmann, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, September 2013)

“[Mozart’s music was] served up with superb artistry by the COC Orchestra under Daniel Cohen.” (John Coulbourn, Toronto Sun, February 2013)

“From the podium, Daniel Cohen drew extroverted phrasing and sound." (Matthew Guerrieri, Boston Globe, July 2014) 

“The Canadian Opera Company Orchestra was a model of grace under Daniel Cohen.” (John Terauds, Musical Toronto, February 2013) 

“Fast-rising Israeli conductor Daniel Cohen, all of 29 years old, conducted an extremely impressive performance of this Mozart masterpiece.” (Joseph So, La Scena Musicale, February 2013)

“There were around ten minutes of applause for the young Israeli conductor Daniel Cohen (previously assistant to Daniel Barenboim) last Thursday, for his Beethoven concert with the Orchestra della Fondazione Petruzzelli - a frank and well-deserved success.” (Alessandro Romanelli, L’orecchio di Dioniso, December 2012)

“Cohen, with calm but charismatic gestures, highlighted the pastoral and bucolic atmosphere of the 6th Symphony, endeavouring to project a scene of summer alpine meadows between sun and unexpected storms, to great applause at the end of the evening.” (Nicola Andrisani, Barilive.it, December 2012)

Daniel Cohen | Conductor General Music Director, Staatstheater Darmstadt